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Well the world didn't end...

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

and I think I might have over reacted to my issues with the last animation attempt.

It really pays off to get advice, something I'm still having trouble learning.

I asked Karen and Yadzia for help and was given some good advice:

There might be too many frames that look too similar, making the animation look janky

It might be my software or hardware that makes it look like this because it can't cope with rendering the movement.

Perhaps I could try to make the drawing less detailed.

Perhaps I need to take a step back and look at some more tutorials then try again.

Perhaps I'm getting too wrapped up in how bad I think it looks.

I think the last point is a very important one. I get very wrapped up in hating some of the thing I create, so much so that it's all I can think about.

This module is incredibly difficult for me because it is all about learning and documenting our progress with a new skill and I don't like showing things that I have done wrong. I like to have nice finished pieces, with good line art and well shaded characters and this module isn't allowing me to do that. We learn from our mistakes only when we get feedback and suggestions. So I need to learn to be ok with people seeing my "rubbish work" that I would normally throw away or delete. That might actually be harder than learning to use new software!

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