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  • Emma Ford

Twitch Session with Steve

Twitch runs via Zoom and OBS Link. Steve is happy to run the stream either as presenter or just in background. The group can discuss whether they want him to present the show, but IMO he is the best person to run it because he set up the channel and knows how to work everything.

Need ‘scene cards/boards’ which all need to be 1920x1080 HD TV eg:

● Stream Starting Soon/ Show Starting Soon

● Be Right Back

● Thanks For Watching

● And also frames for the actual streamed content.

Options for these include:

★ One frame around a zoom call with all 18 or so of us.

★ Frame around the zoom call but one one person is on screen - highlight mode in Zoom. (everyone else will need to mute)

★ Frame with individual boxes (problem with this is that if someone leaves the call it will mess up the layout.)

★ Or a combination.

The ArtDesignWales Twitch channel has a nice dragon logo and a green frame, but this can be changed to encompass the Unmute logo and branding etc.

Special effects can be added make the stream more fancy by using After Effects.

Can also be streamed elsewhere via Re-Stream. Steve knows how to set this up.

It would also be good to have an overlay that runs in time with the artist videos that have names, social media etc for each artist, but social media links can also be put in the chat for each artist.

Recommend that the stream is run:

  1. Live presenter on full screen - introducing the show.

  2. Video segments of artist works - 2 minutes each, pre-recorded so that they can be uploaded in advance - this will save any faffing with the technology on our part and can all be organised in the background.

  3. Q&A Session with all the artists all in our little boxes. Questions can come from the chat, Steve or someone can run this and ask the questions.

Steve also recommended a dry run/rehearsal so that everything can be set up in advance.

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