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  • Emma Ford

Tutorial with Steve

Following my tutorial with Karen and Yadzia, I spoke to Steve in Animation again.

I do think sometimes that he gets a bit exasperated with me, but he is always so willing to help and infinitely knowledgeable.

I explained my problem to him and I now think that he thinks I am trying to reach the end too fast. He explained that to create a proper animation I need to go through the process properly: I need to write a script and record the sound, then I need a storyboard, then an animatic with the sound, then a block animation. Which I understand and in retrospect have gone back and done most of it, I don't have recording equipment or access to voice actors at the moment so the sounds aren't perfect but they are at least a start.

He also explained that my animatic is far more detailed than it needs to be. He told me that the idea of an animatic is to have very simple blocked out shapes so we know where each character will be, but the truth is, I'm not sure I could work with such simple formless characters, I think it might confuse me when I come to draw them out properly, because I am so used to using more detailed characters in my work.

I will follow the process when I come to work on my final project, I will have all of the groundwork and a proper story, but my intention for this module is to learn how to make a moving image. I am not so concerned with the finer details of animation. At this point I'm not looking to make a polished short with voice acting, or sound or a story, I just want to learn how to use the software and make a moving character with smooth motion.

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