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  • Emma Ford

Trip to Liverpool

Went on uni trip, saw public art, not impressed with most of it.

The public art trail was disappointing because we went on a Monday and most of the galleries were closed, and the outdoor pieces that were part of the trail weren't very exciting.

I really enjoyed seeing the installation inside the Cathedral, and although I am not religious, these buildings always have a air of intimidation and importance. Cathedrals and Abbeys were purposefully designed to be like this to instil fear of god into the population. I love the architecture in Cathedrals, they really show how much money the church possessed when they were built, and seeing the dove sculpture hanging from the ceiling in the tallest part of the church was incredible.

The best part of the trip for me however was seeing the actual street art around parts of Liverpool that I don't really explore when I visit for shopping. The graffiti was amazing!

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