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Thinking about the extra bits for my novel "Collector's Pack"

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

When I spoke to Yadzia about this we made a huuuuuuge list of the different things I could include. Most of which I put in the Physical Graphic Novel Proposal post.

The biggest piece was a fold out world map, which when I proposed it, I forgot I only have a really massive hand drawn one from the first module, and a really poor copy of it. So I had to re-draw it digitally, to keep it in line with the quality and style of the main novel.

There were a few changes I wanted to make in hindsight to the original map and this afforded me the opportunity to do this. I am happy with the outcome and this is now ready to include in the pack.

I have also been considering how to write the character backstories. The story below is for Tristan and is only a very rough series of sketches but with a little refining it will make a nice little concertina book.

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