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The Script

I don't consider myself much of a writer, I do it, and I am convinced it is mostly nonsense but for this project as a whole (not just Transitional Skills) I have looked at world building and character design, and it is a reasonable step to take a chance on storytelling, after all, I designed the world and the characters, so why not tell their stories?

When I design characters I have to think about who they are and what they've been through to make them more rounded and realistic. Their appearance should be affected by their background.

So I started looking for writing tips and put pen to paper. I am working on a main script in my notebooks, but because I am a visual person, I have started creating a storyboard/graphic novel to go alongside it.

For this module I need a short script for my test animation. I didn't really plan to have any conversation but in hindsight I obviously need a script so I know what the action will be and where.

Script for Animation ART714

Sounds of Battle, clash of swords and shields, shouts of warriors

The Rauhallin army advancing on the Caldahornian War Camp.

Camera Pans through the battle raging in the camp. Burning tents, escaping horses, soldiers fighting.

Elf Warrior: “War Cry”

Tristan moves up behind the warrior and draws his sword. With a mighty yell he attacks the elf and drives his sword through their neck.

Camera pans between Tristan and the elf to Oswallt who is embroiled in a battle with several elves.

Oswallt raises his axe and kicks the shield of an advancing elf knocking them backwards and plants his axe in their chest.

Camera moves past Oswallt and up over a rocky outcrop to Fliss who is stood near a brazier on the precipice with her bow and a nocked arrow. The breeze catches her hair and ash and fire sparks drift past.

Tristan: (off Camera) “Now Fliss, Light the Fire!”

The camera pans around Fliss as she lights the tip of her arrow in the brazier then raises her bow and draws the bowstring back to her chin to take aim.

At the height of the draw the camera focuses along the shaft of the arrow and fixes behind the fletching as she releases the arrow. The camera follows the arrow on its journey over the battle to a spot on the ground soaked with oil and in front of the advancing Rauhallin army.

It lights the oil ablaze and a wall of flame rises between Tristan and the Rauhallin army, halting their progress into the camp.

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