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The Rest of the Novel Pack

The concertina book was also printed and ready to be bound.

To create this book, I had to put the layout in InDesign and print the pages with enough allowance for gluing them together into one long strip. The pages needed to be glued in the valley folds so that it was not obvious where they are stuck together. I am embarrassed to admit that this took a lot more brain power that I would like to work out the maths so that the glued sections would be in the valley folds.

I bound the book in the same leather as the main novel and to keep it together I found some beautiful ribbon in shades for greens, coppers and golds that was perfect for a story about Tristan.

The next piece I wanted to cover was the world map. I had the idea that it should be somewhat like an ordinance survey map. The reason for this is that I wanted it to be like a map that the characters could conceivably carry with them in the created world.

The piece is A1 trimmed and folded into it's faux leather cover. I chose blue end paper for this, as I feel that it ties the colours within the map together and also eludes to Felisandariel's clothing. The piece is fastened by a god cord and tassel that wrap around the length of the folded map.

All of these pieces are presented in a handmade pouch - in the same faux leather as the books. I chose an emerald green lining for this. I want my created world to be full of colour so this seemed like a good choice.

I have also created some in-world correspondence that will be presented with the books.

The last pieces to be added to the pouch are a selection of A5 Postcards and Art Prints, which include character art and scenery from the graphic novel.

A5 Postcards:

Art Prints:

These last two are also A1 posters which will be displayed with my work.

I also wanted to create a small riveted book that contained images of the fashions within my created world, however I decided to drop this from the project since I did not feel that I had enough time to design and complete the number of outfits and fashions that I would have required to make a decent sized book. I wanted to create a real compendium of the different fashions of each race, but I have not yet finalised the designs for the dwarven or fae races and this would have taken far too long. I may revisit this planned piece later as I still want to include the other races in the story and it would make more sense to include this piece when the races appear in the main story.

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