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Staying Creative During a Pandemic

I don't consider myself to be a very sociable person, but the pandemic and lockdown have been quite hard, as I'm sure is has for everyone. I am quite happy with my own company most of the time, but I do like seeing my parents on a regular basis and getting out for walks. Even shopping and volunteering have basically stopped for me, which meant that all of the social aspects of my life ground to a halt. This all means that it has been incredibly difficult to remain motivated and creative, and the travel restrictions have meant that I can go on my usual excursions to find inspiration.

This Instagram post is from way back in May, when the weather was gorgeous and we couldn't go out. I think it says a lot about my creative state of mind back then.

In all honesty, being creative during this time has been hard, but I have also been lucky that I have been able to continue making art this year, as I know a lot of my friends have really struggled to make anything at all.

Not being able to travel has made me think about going outdoors and different landscapes more than I really expected it to. Over the summer my plan was to write the script and create the story board for my created world, to develop upon returning to university. I have done a little of that (nowhere near as much as I intended, but I have been creative in continuing with world building concept art).

I have been able to get out on a few walks and take some photos, but I have spent less time than I wanted to actually being out in the landscape drawing.

I have continued with building on the world I did in ART713 and ART712 and developing my art style, which will also continue alongside ART714 because I want to make a compendium of all my concept art in one sketchbook where everything is easy to find and make reference to. My theory is that I will also have a really nice hand made art book to show at the end.

The MA group have also been working on a collaborative project in which we generate a random word every two weeks and create art based on that. There have been 9 so far, but I have only been able to keep up with 5.

The words have been:

Environment, Patience, Absent, Hesitate, and Swim (which I have done)


Story, Restrict, Avant-garde and Material.

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