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Sequencing and Narrative lecture and Book Binding workshop.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I really enjoyed this lecture with Yadzia. she showed us so many different variations of beautiful artist books.

These are all fantastic books, I am a huge fan of the cut through pages in the first book and the pop ups in the second book. They are also done in very unique styles, which are very different to my own, but they have helped me to think about how I could present my work in an artist book.

The book that really inspired me, was the Chris Ware Building Stories book, and I have to admit that eve during the lecture I started working on a little proposal for an artist book, that I think will bring my work more in line with what is expected on the MA.

I love that this book has so many elements to it. There is the main book but there are also so many little extras that go above and beyond to give the reader an in depth knowledge of the world he has created.

Following the lecture, we also had a bookbinding workshop on creating boos without the need for sewing or glue, which really helped to inspire me to create extra little books and pieces to accompany the main novel.

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