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  • Emma Ford

Responding to an article


Chose one influential or interesting article and respond creatively.

The article should stimulate a response (this can be literal, abstract or even a chain reaction.

Evidence must be shown in sketchbooks of on Wordpress.

Find a way to transcribe the original document into your artwork.

Give a five minute presentation on your response to the article.


When I began this project I thought I was going to address an article about female armour in video games, because I am currently working on Character development and the main character in my created world in a female elf warrior.

Female armour in games is a contentious subject, most gamers are male and the characters in fantasy games are designed with their audience in mind, so it makes sense in a weird kind of way that the female characters are usually sexualised (just because it makes sense doesn't make it a good thing though)

I wanted to address this because there are so many games out there with overly sexualised female characters who wear ridiculous armour that would provide absolutely no protection in the real world (World of Warcraft, Mortal Combat and Final Fantasy to name but a few)

As a response to this there are also many many memes and jokes made by the gaming community.

So to start with I looked at articles like this:

This was my favourite article, just for the illustrations but I didn't know how to respond with my own work:

And eventually I found this:

The title of the article is what drew me to it, because it just made me laugh: Armour for Dummies And/Or Game Developers

It got me thinking about how game developers really know nothing about practical armour, and how to create something that looks beautiful, but is also useful and will protect the character wearing it. Then I realised that actually, the male armour in video games it terrible too! It isn't usually so sexualised, but it is mostly impractical.

The point that whoever made this meme is making is that the female armour is clearly sexualised, and the male armour is not, but it also illustrates my point quite nicely.

The female armour is absolutely impractical, and definitely would not protect the character in a fight, but look at the male armour too, the pauldrons (shoulders) are HUGE! and the whole lot is so over the top. The sheer weight of this would be too much for the character to stand upright, never mind swing a sword or defend a blow from above in battle. Not to mention that he would almost certainly take his own eye out with those spikes.

So my point is that while not sexualised, male characters have it just as bad as female characters in games when it comes to armour and costumes. This is something that really winds me up as a player and potential designer. Armour is meant to protect the character, not make an over-the-top statement about style.

The question was, how do I take it from here?

I began thinking about how my characters (in-world) would react if they were told to wear armour impractical, or sexualised armour. The answer is not well, so I came up with this:

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