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Progress So Far


I now have a 10 second animatic of one of my characters wielding a sword. It is form a small section of the storyboard I produced. He will be attacking an enemy, but for now I just want to make sure I have the main character right.

Feedback so far has been positive:

  • Captured movement of body in relation to sword well

  • Good expressions and key poses

  • It is quite details for an animatic, more than it really needs to be, but it does mean that I can use these frames for the actual animation.

  • There is a lot of space off to the left and I should think about animating the camera to move around the characters rather than being fixed. Although I an worried about doing this because it might be beyond my knowledge and skill at the moment. I will be capable of it eventually, but I think it is a bit much right now?

The next step is to make an animation so that the action and movement is smooth and realistic.

I also need to think about the sound.

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