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Outdoor Activities and Creative Workshop

I really enjoyed the workshop with Peter Hooper about creating a piece that describes how you feel about being outdoors. (It's a good thing I did enjoy it because he is running a workshop at Chirk Castle that I have already signed up for).

A lot of people like being outdoors for peace and quiet, and don't get me wrong I like that too, but I'm not the sort of person who can sit still and stay quiet for long, so for me, being outdoors is about adventure and freedom.

For the second half of the workshop we had to finish a story that Peter had started with another group, this was absolutely my favourite part (because it involved dragons).

The story was about two dragons who attacked Wrexham and set the village on fire, so the locals wanted to get rid of them. I thought it would be funny to go down the traditional knight saves the day route, with a bit of a plot twist (I don't think Peter was impressed though)

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