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  • Emma Ford

Monsters and Mythical Creatures: Wraiths

Original pencil drawing of the wraiths in Kaharian, this image doesn't convey the ethereal look I wanted for the wraiths, because it is difficult to do with coloured pencils. I don't think I have the skills to do it with traditional media, so I decided to try it in a digital format, like the first image on this post, but I still wasn't happy with the result.

The final drawing for my wraith. I'm still not entirely satisfied with this image, it's not up to my usual standard, and looks a bit too cartoon-like, but it better conveys the non-corporeal essence I wanted for these creatures.

The wraiths in the world of Kaharian will all look the same, simply because it is too complicated to create hundreds of individual wraiths for each dead warrior on the battlefield. It is common practice for video game developers to use one asset for creatures like this, and save unnecessary work for themselves. These creatures aren't major characters. They aren't meant to be individual. They are meant to represent a massive amount of soldiers who have died on the battlefield and not received a proper burial.

As I wrote in my sketchbook, the wraiths haunt the battlefield where they died as elves and men.

The world is a dangerous one, torn apart by war and the battlefields in particular are especially dangerous. Control of the battlefield changes with each battle, and the losers are not given the chance to collect their dead. The battlefield becomes a mass grave and is unsafe to wander at night because the wraiths haunt it and will attack anyone they come into contact with. The soldiers become wraiths because they died horrible deaths in battle and cannot pass on to the afterlife.

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