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Module Presentation - Initial Ideas

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

In the form of a five minute presentation. I decided to go with a Powerpoint Presentation as it is a tried and tested way that I am comfortable with and gives a good illustrated narrative to the nonsense I spout.

I had a bit of feedback from Steve Jarvis before I presented this and he helped my improve it by making the typefaces uniform, and not having too many styles of type on each slide. It makes it easier to read and more contemporary and was a good lesson in how to make it professional. This also made me think about how I will use typefaces in my graphic novel and my dissertation as usually I like a variety.

My plan for this module is to create a graphic novel with animated cells, I think....

This will take the form of a body of work with a female protagonist, building on the groundwork I did over the past few modules creating the world and the characters.

It is very much a continuation of the ongoing project, rather than something new. So all the characters I designed will come together in the created world to make a narrative.

I started work on the storyboard over the summer, so some of the introductory chapter of the story has been planned, although there is still a lot of work to do on it.

The storyboard is all hand drawn, in my sketchbook, and the work I have already done has been scanned to use as base drawings for my digital art, which I can tweak and improve as I go.

This is the artwork I will be creating for the actual graphic novel.

I am trying to keep the level of detail I usually use in my illustrations. I want there to be a fusion of very detailed illustrations, animations and the simplified comic book style drawings.

I am yet to decide which scenes will be animated, but I imagine I will decide naturally as I work on the novel.

Following on from that I just want to illustrate the variation in detail here between an illustration and a frame from the animation I created in Transitional Skills.

This is how the novel might be laid out, I am using the work I did for transitional skills as an example for this.

As I mentioned I want a fusion between animated and illustrated cells and some cells will most likely be more animated than others, depending on what they depict.

Animations could loop like these do, or they could be clicked on to play if I decide to use sound and voice recording, so that not all of the cells are talking at once.

I don’t know yet how sound will be used in this project. I may only use background sounds and have the characters interacting with speech bubbles like a traditional comic, and if the scene is animated the bubbles could be animated too. There is a lot I still want to think about where the execution of the project is concerned.

I just want to talk a little bit about the characters here, because it is kind of relevant to my dissertation.

Main Companion

Bit of an anti-hero but is a heroic warrior and leader within his own culture. Starts off as an enemy but could become a helper companion or guide through the story. I am going to look at character archetypes to help with this.

Some of the other characters.

So with moving on to the dissertation. I still want to write about female representation in the gaming industry and possibly the wider entertainment media. It has the obvious link to my studio practice since I am creating a female protagonist. I think it will take the form of a zine rather than a simple written document.

I don’t think there will be enough time to do an animation for the dissertation as well as the body of work for my studio practice. So this is the next best thing, somewhere between a graphic novel and a written document.

There will be lots of illustrations with a magazine style layout, and I think each chapter might have a slightly different style to the last.

These are some of the ideas I want to explore for my dissertation.

I think some of these can be addressed in a questionnaire or survey, provided I can get a good cross-section of people to take part.

The most important thing is to focus on the positive aspects of female representation in the industry, rather than being negative and man-bashing. It is about equality above all else.

Obviously though, there are lots of negative issues here, but I plan to comment on those and how they can be improved.

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