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Making props - for the tent - The Flags

My Caldahornian flag has already appeared in a few posts, but it is one of several that I wanted to display within the tent installation.

I made a dragon head topper to finish this flag.

I wanted to add a few more in the same colour as the Caldahornian flag, to give more of a sense that this is the Prince of Caldahorne's campaign tent, but also flags from the other regions within the world - particularly the Rauhallin Flag. I thought it could signify the battles that they are fighting and the ongoing war. Perhaps the Rauhallin flag is a memento Tristan collected from a particular battle, as a reminder of his victory or that victory is on always certain. It also eludes to the idea of a video game where items like flags are commonly collectible by the player and they are rewarded for finding the full collection.

Assassins Creed and Ghost of Tsushima are two games in which the player collects flags scattered throughout the world.

Initially I wanted to make the Rauhallin flag in the same way that I made the Caldahornian Flag - using applique to attach the different layers and colours to the main banner, but when I tried to cut out the blossoms and the tree, they looked infantile and a bit naff. I decided instead to paint the tree and blossom directly onto the silk banner. The outcome was far more successful that the original applique idea.

I also decided that I wanted to attach the flag to it's pole in a different way, so I chose eyelets and lacing as I feel that it fits into the elven aesthetic that I talked about early on in the course - see and bee seen and form over function. This type of fastening would be too fiddly for the other cultures in the world, but the over engineered design and the extravagant lacing is perfect for a race that are overly concerned with beauty and appearance.

The two types of fastening and embellishment on the flags.

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