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Making props - for the tent -The War Table

So with the tent constructed I though about how to display my work within. I asked my dad to create a medieval style campaign table that could be folded flat and transported but also be strong enough to hold my work and withstand people leaning on it.

we used this design from a medieval re-enactment as inspiration.

The process of making the table. We cut the wood down to size ( I got banned from measuring because - Maths! I messed it up) Then we glued the wood and used the clamps to brace the table top while the glue set. It had to be left for 24 hours so at the dog's dinner time, she was very interested in our table while mu sorted out her food.

To save weight and space, and also money we decided to make the legs as a frame rather than a solid piece of wood.

The final table on display. Unfortunately Dad went into hospital before we could truly finish the table. So rather than it being a piece that fit together without screws (It is missing the bottom tension bar and the bars under the table top that should make a groove for the legs to fit into) we had to screw it together to keep it stable. Although it was not finished as we had originally planned it works well in the setting and adds to the aesthetic more than a modern folding table would.

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