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Lettering - Art and Illusion: Exhibition at Ruthin Craft Centre

When I started the course I didn’t think that lettering would be so important, but through making maps and trying to write my storyboards I have learned that actually the story is the most important thing and lettering is just as important in a piece of art as the imagery. Having thematically appropriate writing will help with my world building and immersion.

Philip Surrey

So I went to the Ruthin Craft Centre to see the Lettering Exhibition. I was blown away by the discipline and beauty of the calligraphy on display there. It has taught me to look at lettering in a different way and made me think about how I can incorporate well crafted lettering into my work.

Ieuan Rees

Blackbirds by Tanja Bolenz

Information about the Exhibition from the Ruthin Craft Centre Website

Lettering : Art & Illusion depicts lettering that is created by hand through calligraphy, letter cutting, painting and engraving. Writing is a most ancient art form and for millennia the art of the scribe was held in great esteem. The professional scribe in Arabic, Japanese, Tibetan and Egyptian scripts, as well as what we would now consider a western hand, proffered the foundations of formal languages as we know them today; from pictograms and hieroglyphics to italic and copperplate scripts, realised in stone, glass and metal and on parchment, vellum and paper. Through the work of the selected artists and makers, we can study the techniques, ancient in their origins, yet timelessly original in their expression, created with contemporary style and sensitivity.

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