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It's the final module!!!!

My plan for this module is to create a graphic novel with animated cells, I think.

This will take the form of a body of work with a female protagonist, building on the groundwork I did over the past few modules creating the world and the characters. It is very much a continuation of the ongoing project, rather than something new. So all the characters I designed will come together in the created world to make a narrative.

I started work on the storyboard over the summer, so some of the introductory chapter of the story has been planned, although there is still a lot of work to do on it. The storyboard is all hand drawn, in my sketchbook, and the work I have already done has been scanned to use as base drawings for my digital art, which I can tweak and improve as I go.

I plan to turn these hand drawn pages from my sketchbook into digital drawings.

My plan is to also add animated panels into the story, but I'm not sure exactly how that will work yet.

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