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Illustration Commission

I was asked by a very good friend to create a fan art illustration of her Player Character from Dragon Age Origins. This game had a huge influence on us both when we played it for the first time (years ago) so I was massively excited to do this. I don't usually do fan art, but it was a really fun exercise in recreating a character tat was not of my own design.

The character design and scenery are obviously not my own, but are based on the assets from the game. I was sent screenshots of the character and researched the armour and weapons in the game to make sure I achieved an accurate look.

She asked for the character to be in a specific setting, one which I am also a big fan of.

I also tried to keep to the game's colour palette, but made the colours bolder and brighter, since the game is quite old now, and some of the colours look washed out, which would not have made for such a dynamic drawing.

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