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Group Crits

I always really enjoy group crits, because I miss seeing what everyone else is up to. The problem with doing the course online means that we don't see each other in the studios and have regular catch-ups, so seeing other people's work in presentations is always exciting.

I don't feel like I have much to offer when it comes to commenting on people's work, but I always find it helpful to get feedback on my work.

Initially I gave my cells black hand drawn borders but it was pointed out that there wasn't a lot of breathing space between the cells and since the images are quite detailed and very colourful the comic could get confusing.

I don't want the book to be confusing, because it needs to conform with actual comic book design. The cells need to be well defined and the narrative needs to obviously flow through the cells. So I will have a rethink about the spacing and cell borders.

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