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Formative Feedback

The main thing that put me behind was deciding to do a local craft fair. I wanted a way to get my work out into the world, and to talk to the public about it, but I forgot how much work I would need to put into this. I had very little in the way of art to sell when I booked the fair, so I had to spend two weeks working on cards and mounting and framing my work. This added work meant I had to put my graphic novel on hold. It also meant that I was spending three days out of the house rather than getting on with my graphic novel.

The graphic novel so far is a 32 page book, but there is still quite a bit of story to be added. It now as pages for binding it to the hard cover, a title page, and acknowledgements pages

Work is also ongoing on the extra pieces for the novel pack.

The map is ready to be printed on A1 or A0 size paper, then will be folded like an ordinance survey map, so it will need a cover, which I am yet to design, but I think will be “leather” to match the main pouch.

I am yet to decide whether the book will be landscape or portrait, but I am going into Regent Street next week to try out the printing on the main novel and also on the extra pieces.

I have a few designs for postcards and art prints that will be included in the pack.

I’ve been thinking about how I will present the work for the final show, and I have decided that even if it is not a physical show I still want some physical props. I have drawn up a design for a physical space, which is basically a small box room designed to emulate medieval war tents and tournament tents. I’m having a shield and a fold down medieval style table made.

One of the props is the Prince’s green cloak, which will stand in one corner of the space, or will be photographed on a willing model holding the finished comic book. I have commissioned the penannulla and I’m in the process of making the cloak.

I have also been buying silks to make the flags of each major nation in my created world that will decorate the space, along with poster art for the characters, and some landscapes from the first volume of the comic

And finally! I’ve been out scouting locations to do a photoshoot for promoting my novel when it’s finished.

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