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  • Emma Ford

Forensic Facial Reconstruction Workshop

I went to this workshop hoping that it would help me with 3D modelling of my characters. The plan was to get an understanding of bone structure and muscle structure that would help me create my characters, but it turns out I am REALLY rubbish at 3D work.

Anyway it was still a really fun workshop, but I can't say I have a better understanding of how the muscles make up the full form of the face, but it was only a short day workshop. It is something I would like to try again though.

It started with a presentation and drawing session. We were given a photograph of a skull with the reconstruction pegs and had to recreate a face using the shape mapped out by the pegs.

Then in the afternoon we were given resin casts of a skull and asked to reconstruct a face with air-drying modelling clay.

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