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Finally A MOVING Character!

That doesn't make me want to cry with despair when I look at it!

The way I've worded the title you're probably thinking I finally have an all singing, all dancing animation. Well sorry to disappoint, it is far from it, but it is an animation where the character actually looks like he is walking towards the camera and swinging his sword for a whole second! Yes ONE SECOND!

As much as I am being sarcastic, I am really pleased with the progress so far. It is far from perfect and there are so many things I want to do to improve it, but it is a good start.

As it is, the one whole second of animation I have is reminiscent of the 90s cartoons I used to watch as a kid.

When I showed it to my family they immediately thought of the 90s Zelda cartoon. Which I used to love, so that fact that mine reminded them of that was great!

How an animation makes you feel is just as important as the technical side of it. The 90s cartoon style of my 'animation' is a quality I like, and I might play into that more. I think my art style would work well with the animation style. I am not looking to create a 60fps perfectly smooth and realistic animation, it is meant to be stylised and hand drawn, which are qualities I always try to keep in my work.

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