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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I feel like I need to make something clear...

I do not consider myself a feminist.

My experience of feminism hasn't really been positive and I am not jumping on the bandwagon of man shaming or shaming women who disagree with the feminist stance.

I do agree that there should be more equality for women in the creative industries, especially video games and comic books, however, and it is a big however, I do not agree that ALL men are entirely to blame for the lack of representation.

Yes, there are plenty of male gamers and comic book readers who want to only see women (as characters) in submissive roles and scantily clad, but there are plenty more who advocate for female characters to take centre stage more often and to have proper clothing.

Yes there are also a lack of female creators in the aforementioned industries, but I don't agree that a woman should get a job, or recognition over a man just because she is a woman. The playing field should be level for both, and the jobs and recognition should be given to those with more talent and capability, regardless of gender.

Sometimes I feel that feminism is becoming a problem for these industries, with some extreme feminists advocating for this or that, and blaming men for not respecting women, and putting them in skimpy clothing. Some articles I have read for research have infuriated me - they have been written by woefully uninformed feminists with a bone to pick and a platform to shout about it, with no real regard for facts or other's opinions.

I believe there has become resistance to empowering women, because of a minority who take feminism too far, and the industries that should be employing talented female creatives are afraid to do so, wanting an easier life by not recruiting women.

I don't know how useful this rant has been, but it is making me consider more deeply the aim for my dissertation and for my studio practice.

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