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Fashion, Rauhallin Style!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

These are a couple of images I have been working on for the little fashion book that will accompany my graphic novel.

I have started with the elves, because their fashion is the most fun to draw, and I really wanted to do a digital version of the Empress, who I created waaaay back in the first module.

The elves as a race appear to be very beautiful and colourful. They wear exotic headdresses and gauzy silks.

I wanted them to be a parody of fashion in the real world, and people's expectations of beauty. The elves are all slim and beautiful, with high cheek bones and perfect hair.

Their society is built on the desire to see and be seen. The Empress is considered a goddess and the she-elves of high society aspire to be like her and look like her. I designed her outfit to demonstrate this and also to question what is beautiful, she has this skimpy dress, that leaves very little to the imagination, and a breastplate meant to mimic the armour of the warriors of the society, which in reality is completely useless to her - this harks back to many of the memes about female armour in games that inspired my comic strip about my characters rebelling against the armour I created for them in the second module.

This has somewhat impacted the work I have been doing for my dissertation, in which I aim to question whether a female character who is properly armoured and clothed can still be considered attractive.

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