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  • Emma Ford

Creating a storyboard

So to make an animation there are a few things I need to do first.

The main things being:

  • Write a Script

  • Make a Storyboard

  • Make an Animatic - an animatic is a rudimental animation that shows the key poses in a scene so we know where the characters will be.

I am not really a writer, I enjoy it, but everything I do tend to be amateurish and lacking in the visual appeal I desire in my work, so I find it easier to do things visually rather than with written work. I am well aware that I will need a proper script, but the point of this module for me is to learn new software and animation skills, so I only want to create a very short animation which hopefully won't really need much of a script.

I am doing this backwards, but at the moment it is really for my own benefit, but this is the storyboard I plan to animate, once I know what I'm doing I will write a proper script for my future work and have a detailed Production Pipeline for my final piece or pieces.

Below is the storyboard I created and hope to animate.

I have been told it is quite ambitious, so I might only be able to animate a small section in the time that we have for this module. We'll see how it goes.

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