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Creating a pop up

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Following Yadzia's lecture on sequencing and narratives and the discussion during the bookbinding workshop about how to make a book more than a simple book, I've been looking at pop up books.

Now I know that making too many pop ups in the graphic novel would make it incredibly thick and would cause problems with the integrity of the book if it is bound poorly, so I am only suggesting adding one or two different types of pop up or cut through pages to the book, at strategic points: that make sense with the narrative and also with the scenery. I don't want to add pop ups for the sake of adding pop ups.

I looked online for some inspiration and found these:

I really love the castle pop up, so the first thing I did after finding this was to look for a tutorial on how to make a similar pop up:

I'm quite happy with the way this came out but this scenery is a long way from the part of the narrative I have been working on, so I don't know how log it will be until I get to creating the artwork proper.

Since I mentioned making a pop up book though, I am a bit worried that people now think this is a children's book, which it certainly is not!

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