• Emma Ford

Chirk Castle

The Battle of Crogen is the name given to a skirmish in 1165 between Henry II and the Welsh forces of Owain Gwynedd that took place in Corwen, 16 miles from Chirk Castle.

The welsh forces were hugely outnumbered by Henry II’s army, but due to their guerrilla tactics, the troops of Owain Gwynedd defeated the Henry’s invading force.

This battle is commemorated at Chirk Castle by Cwmwyd Ial and Les Miles des Marches re-enactment groups. Not only do they re-enact the battle and perform demonstrations, they also set up war camps for the public to wander through, and speak with the warriors and their families.

I have been to this a few times and it is a great source of inspiration for my work. I love wandering through the camps and talking to people, it is always interesting to learn how they believe people lived in the medieval era, and how encampments would have been set up. I also learned about the different roles of men and women that I think will be useful for writing my story.

I took a lot of photographs and did a couple of sketches during my visit, because I really like the visual effect of the camp sites at the re-enactment. It provides great imagery for my created world.

I then used these sketches to create the tents and camps in my created world.

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