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Book Binding!

Here you can see the binding process (the bits that I remembered to photograph) from the printed images, to collating the images into their sections and the binding process.

InDesign did all the work when it came to packaging the book and making sure that the spreads were printed in the right order so that when the book is folded the pages are properly ordered.

On the second photograph you can see where the pages do not match up when printed. this is because they are not meant to, they are two separate spreads that print side by side but will be nowhere near each other when the book is folded and stitched.

The worst part of making this book by hand was the trimming. Image 4 shows how the book looked once folded and stitched. The drawings on these pages are designed to be full page pieces so it is obvious where the page needs trimming, however trimming is done once the book is bound so that the pages align properly. In image 5 you can see the registration marks at the top and bottom of the spine, these are the markings that showed me where to trim the book. It took several days to pluck up the courage to start cutting into the book, and although the prospect of cutting was terrifying, I managed to do it without making a mess of the book and needing to start again.

The rest of the images show the binding process: the stitching and gluing and adding the end pieces and bookmark to the spine, adding the pink endpapers and then adding the faux leather cover.

This was the first book I ever made and I am really pleased with the outcome. I love the colour recreation in the printing, I am happy with the faux leather which is reminiscent of the characters armour, and I am particularly please with the raspberry pink end papers, bookmark and spine ends. I think it really brings the book together as a finished piece.

The last thing I need to do for this piece is to add the wrap around cover, which couldn't be done until I had the final dimensions of the book.

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