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Applying for Jobs!

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

So scary!

But I am happy with my Portfolio site, which is the main site that this piggybacks on. I keep it up to date with new art and I think I have my strongest work on the home page.

When it came to writing a CV I didn't just want a wall of text, I am a creative person (obviously) and I wanted to show that immediately, so I decided to make an illustration the centre of my CV. I have looked at a few examples online and a few artists do this. I think it adds something extra to the application by approaching it in a more creative way.

I have applied for a couple of jobs this week, one as a digital comics illustrator and one as a table top games illustrator. I honestly don't really expect to hear anything from them, but I met all their criteria and they are both jobs I would love to do.

I also requested an application form for the Willow Gallery's Painting with Words exhibition so we will see how that goes too.

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