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Animation Feedback Session

I shared my animation with the MDES group again, they agreed that the swipe is definitely improved, but the background is too static. I need to animate the elements that should move in the background i.e., the fire, flags birds and the warriors. If I am going to do this I will need to re-draw the background and put it on several layers. This won't take too long and it means that the style of the background will be closer to the style of the character, rather than a posterized image (which I made in Photoshop with the original drawing and the posterize filter setting)

Since the project was about animating the character, I could also just keep him on a blank background, which is something I will use to demonstrate his motion, but I like to look of the whole scene.

The cloak is still a problem, so I am going to have to fix it, but first I'll look at other animations to see how they do cloaks and get some inspiration.

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