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Animation Feedback Session

I joined Steve's Post Grad Animation session this morning.

Apart from giving me major anxieties because they are doing incredible 3D work, I got some really good feedback on how to improve my work.

  • Billowing cape, needs to look thinner, (think about Batman's cape in the Batman: Arkham trilogy - capes are notoriously difficult to aminate and one animator was responsible for just working on the cape.)

  • Over exaggerate movement. The audience needs to see the anticipation when drawing the sword, the movement arc needs to be the full length of the sword and transparent.

  • Look at the 6 Principles of Animation Physics:

  • Timing, Spacing, and Scale.

  • Law of Inertia.

  • Momentum and Force.

  • Centre of Gravity.

  • Weight Gain and Loss.

  • Action-Reaction.

  • Think about his unarmed hand and arm, he twists his arm as he raises it, but I could have him move his cape out of the way or counterbalance the weight of the sword.

  • It might be worth filming and photographing the action again with more exaggerated movement.

I'm going to look at my animation again, and even though the sequence isn't finished yet, I will use this advice to try and improve it.

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