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Updated: Jan 31, 2021

Following on from my last post, I had a tutorial with Steve in Animation. He thinks my work is quite stylised so it would be best to aim it at specific studios and work towards getting a job with one of them. This is a long term goal and eventually I will need to start researching which studios would be best suited to my style. Concept Art is a highly saturated field, so it is helpful to learn new skills like animation so I can do multiple jobs.

In the short term I need to start learning how to use the animation software, this means watching lots and lots of tutorials.

He also suggested that I consider the Production Pipeline and Principles of Animation, and gave me the below link

I feel like the production pipeline is quite close to the design process, which I naturally follow anyway, so it shouldn't be too hard to start doing this.

Some of these things I already do naturally, I think I already have a good understanding of staging, arcs, solid drawing and appeal because of my illustrations, but I will need to learn about everything else that will make an animation dynamic and convincing.

What really concerns me though, is actually learning to use the software and producing a lot of drawings that are accurate enough to make a smooth animation. This is important because the type of animation I want to learn is frame by frame 2D because it is most suited to the skills I already have and if I were to learn 3D, it would just take too long. (Think old-school Disney, flip book style animations). The big problem here is that I don't like drawing the same thing over and over again. When I expressed this concern to my husband and my parents, they laughed and all said the same thing:

"But you do draw your characters over and over again!"

Which I admit is true, but they are not doing the same thing over and over again, I have my two main characters doing a variety of activities, different poses and expressions - all to flesh out their personalities and stories. I am worried that I will get fed up all too easily of drawing very similar poses and actions.


I decided to adopt a traditional approach to animation, and animated the characters frame by frame and drawing them by hand. Similar to old animations like 1978 The Lord Of The Rings, early Disney and Studio Ghibli, and some modern independent games like Feudal Alloy and Hollow Knight.

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