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A slight change to my dissertation?

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

My initial plan was to write about the lack of female representation in video games, however, since I am no longer looking at creating an interactive/playable piece for the final module, I thought this would now be too far a stretch from my studio practice.

I now want to look at representation of women in a slightly wider cross section of entertainment media, including comic books and graphic novels as well as games, because I think this is still relevant, but in less of a way.

I have started researching this and I think there is enough historical information for me too write a well informed dissertation.

I don't think representation is as much of a problem in comics, one article I read noted that one of the first penny dreadful strips written in 1825 was incredibly bloody and gruesome and was done by a woman. The article also noted that Wonder Woman was the first comic book character created with women in mind, which in 1941 (when she was originally introduced to the world) was an amazing thing. Up to this point even female characters were designed for a male audience. Wonder Woman's creator William Moulton Marston is recorded to have had radical ideas about gender roles and sexuality, so I think this will be a really interesting area of research.

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