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A Day out, unexpectedly gathering inspiration images.

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

I went for a walk with my parents and their black lab as the lockdown restrictions began to ease. We packed a picnic and set off to lake Vyrnwy.

On the way, we went up this amazing mountain road from Bala and I found the most ideal place to stop and photograph.

It's just perfect for how I imagine the Battlefields and Caldahorne in my created world. In the wide open valley I can just imagine thousands of little white tents, and magenta banners caught in the breeze.

I can imagine my characters stopping to drink and bathe in the stream, under the twisted little tree for shelter.

I can imagine the Prince Tristan's green cloak caught in the breeze as he crosses the moorland.

I stumbled on a real treasure trove of inspiration here and have so many ideas for backgrounds and scenery!

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